In-Person Surveys


Clarion has been conducting in-person interviews since its inception in 1995.  We have conducted In-person surveys:

  • In the U.S. and Worldwide. 
  • In English and in numerous other languages.
  • Among a wide variety of targets including consumers, business people, medical professionals and educators.

We have experience with a variety of methods, including:

  • Consumer interviews:
    • Mall/hall Intercepts
    • Street/campus Intercepts
    • Shopper intercepts
    • Door-to-door
    • And, for hard-to-find segments, recruits to a central location facility

  • Business interviews:
    • Mall intercepts
    • In-office
    • Recruits to a central location

Our Approach to In-Person Surveys

Regardless of the in-person method, Clarion’s project team is adept at creating a questionnaire that allows our interviewers to establish a good rapport with respondents and a comfortable flow of questions, and ensuring that the appropriate data is ultimately collected. We pre-test every questionnaire before launching the fieldwork. 

Quality Control

Clarion has found that the keys to successful In-Person interviewing are at both the front and back ends.  At the front end, we ensure that our team of interviewers is thoroughly briefed on the project, and that each interviewer conducts practice interviews before the study is launched.  At the back end, we validate a representative portion of each interviewers work. 


Regardless of the methodology, our final reports are actionable and theme-focused, clearly answer the questions at hand based on sound research, and include strategic marketing recommendations. 

For more information about any of Clarion’s quantitative research services, please contact Diane Traiger at 212-664-1100 or