Mail Surveys

Experience and Methods

Clarion has substantial experience over the years conducting through-the-mail surveys, and there are still many reasons that through-the-mail is a useful and appropriate methodology, even in the age of the internet. Our mail survey capabilities include: 

  • Ad-Hoc Mail Surveys: Clarion selects a sample of names and addresses from an appropriate source (either provided by the client or procured from one of our list provider partners) and mails questionnaires to the people selected. There is no prior contact and the sample is used only for a single project.
  • Mail Panels: A sample group is pre-contacted by letter where the purpose of the panel is explained. Consumers are then asked to fill out a background questionnaire about themselves. These panel participants are then sent questionnaires from time to time.

Our Approach to Mail Surveys

Layout and user-friendliness are the keys to creating a sound mail survey.  The shorter and easier a survey appears to be, the higher the likely response rate. Therefore, we take great care with the layout, and work with our clients to carefully consider what is essential to include.  Since respondents will be filling out the questionnaire on their own, it is essential to make the process as foolproof as possible.  However we also routinely provide an e-mail address and/or an 800 number to respondents so they have somewhere to turn if there is an issue or question. 

Quality Control

Because mail-surveys often involve the printing of large quantities of documents, sometimes with several versions for various target audiences, printing supervision is a key to quality control.  Clarion project directors actively supervise the production and mailing process.  On the back end, all keypunching/data scanning is verified to insure a high degree of accuracy. 


Regardless of the methodology, our final reports are actionable and theme-focused, clearly answer the questions at hand based on sound research, and include strategic marketing recommendations. 

For more information about any of Clarion’s quantitative research services, please contact Diane Traiger at 212-664-1100 or