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Diane founded Clarion Research in 1995, building on the experience she gained over her prior 19 years in market research. Diane has longstanding expertise in developing custom research designs and nuanced analyses to help clients address important issues. She has worked extensively in both marketing and communications research, for both corporations and NGOs. She has wide ranging sector and methods experience within the US and globally, helping corporations and other organizations understand their market opportunities as well as vulnerabilities.


Diane is now largely engaged in the management of the company and acts as board chair in addition to CEO.


Diane values critical thinking, smarts, hard work, dedication to client needs, and a results-oriented mentality. She feels the entire Clarion team reflects these values.


Diane's team is grateful to her for having the vision to create Clarion and the passion and perseverance to successfully manage and grow the company for all these years. All of us at Clarion know we're better researchers for having worked with Diane.


Outside of Clarion, Diane enjoys extensive travel with her husband, golf, connecting with her Cornell college buddies, and precious time with her grandchildren.


Diane Traiger

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