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At Clarion Research, we specialize in several key industries, allowing us to provide knowledge-based solutions for your organization.

Bringing our experience and
unique understanding
to some of today's hottest topics...

to some of today's hottest topics...


  • Subscriber Acquisition & Retention

  • Tracking Subscriber Engagement & Stickiness

  • Ad Testing for New Media (Contextual Alignment w/Platform & Content, Pause Testing)

  • Drivers of Ad Purchase Decisions

  • Service Stacking & Subscription Choice Sets

  • Optimizing Streaming UX/UI

  • Paid vs. Ad Revenue Subscription Models

  • Streaming vs. Linear Live Sports Coverage

  • Monetizing Original Content

  • Impact of Event Sponsorships on Brand Lift & Loyalty 

  • Optimizing Event Communications

  • New Programming and Series Maintenance Research 

Remote control with TV in the background
Remote control with TV in the background


  • AI Teaching & Tutoring for K-12

  • The Future of Higher Ed

  • Managing Educator Burnout and Retention

  • Equity & Inclusion in Education

  • Social Media & Smartphones in the Classroom

  • Aligning Teaching Methods with Learning Modes

  • Customized Assessment vs. Standardized Testing

  • Teaching and Evaluating Critical Thinking Skills

  • Defining and Measuring Success Outcomes

  • Non-Traditional Education Models

  • Communications Development & Testing 

Teacher instructing college aged students
Hand holding a cell phone


  • Value Based Pricing / Bundling

  • Use and Likely Adoption of Advanced Wireless Services (e.g., IoT – Internet of Things, Private Connectivity, Mobile Device Management, Fixed Wireless)

  • Replacing Aging Technology

  • New Customer Onboarding & Lifecycle Mapping

  • Testing New Product Messaging, Systems, Communications

  • Utilization of AI Technology

  • Mobile Phone Adoption among Tweens

  • Current and Planned Adoption of 5G Advanced and Anticipation of 6G

  • Metaverse Applications in Gaming, Education, Healthcare, Social Networking

  • Tracking Digital Trust Among Consumers and Businesses

  • Current and Planned Usage of Digital Twins in Manufacturing

Hand holding a cell phone
Rack of clothing


  • Path-to-Purchase for Online and In-Person Shopping

  • Impact of New Ad Formats on KPIs 

  • Consumer Expectations for Experiential Shopping 

  • Online and In-Store Symbiosis and Cannibalism

  • Bottom Line Impact of Customer Loyalty Programs 

  • Impact of Product Trial/Sampling on Purchase Decisions

  • New Product & Line-Extension Concept Testing

  • Omnichannel Customer-Level Marketing Impact

  • Gen Alpha Impacts on HH Purchase Decisions

  • Managing Worker Shortages in Retail 

  • Consumer Perceptions of Generative AI Supported CX

Teacher instructing college aged students


  • Overcoming Barriers to Mass Transit in the U.S.

  • Impact of Congestion Pricing on Traffic Patterns

  • Charging Station Anxiety and Other Barriers to EV Acquisition

  • Perceptions of Self-Driving Cars and Potential AI Impacts on Traditional Transportation

  • Car Clinics (Feature/Usability Testing)

  • Ridership Satisfaction with Mass Transit (Commuter Trains, Subways, Buses, Ferries)

  • Assessment of Parking Payment Systems

  • Brand Analysis for Rebranding Authorities

  • Passenger Assessments of Airport Facilities to Inform Design/Remodeling

  • Assessment of Mass Transit Ad Campaigns

  • Geocoding Ridership Flow Data to Influence Future Schedules/Routes

moving subway train
Rack of clothing
Hands joined together


  • Staffing Trends among Non-Profits 

  • Evolving Marketing Strategies

  • Nonprofit Collaboration and Partnering 

  • Communications Testing to Increase ROI

  • Growing Role of Community-Based Non-Profits

  • Adoption of AI in Fundraising

  • Gen Z Response to Fundraising Approaches  

  • Creating Personalized Donor Experiences

  • Factors Motivating Philanthropists

  • Preferences for Virtual and Hybrid Volunteering

  • Evaluating Online-Provided Government Services

moving subway train


  • Appeal of ‘Pop-Up’ and In-Store Health Centers 

  • Alternative Delivery Systems

  • Copy Testing HCP Sales Materials

  • Impact of Stress on Physical Health  

  • Adoption of AI in Medicine and Pharma

  • Managing Supply Chain Issues in Medicine

  • Evolving Role of Digital Therapeutics

  • Consumer Perceptions of Gene Therapy

  • Medicare Advantage Adoption Trends 

  • At-Home and In-Store Testing for COVID, RSV and Flu

A female doctor speaking with a patient
Hands joined together


Live Events
A female doctor speaking with a patient

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