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Methods and Expertise

At Clarion Research, we develop customized research solutions to help your team uncover insights, fuel informed decision-making, and drive innovation. 


customized to meet your needs.


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Customized surveys to measure, test, or predict: online, in-person or phone. Hard-to-reach targets. Advanced analytics and video capture options available.

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Explore "why" through focus groups, online forums, in-depth interviews, mobile diaries, & ethnographies.  Client backroom participation encouraged. Video reports available.

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Multi-phase approach combining quantitative, qualitative, and/or desk research. A powerful solution when the topic is new, sensitive, or

particularly complex. 

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On-site/real-time reactions. Brand awareness, customer experience, sponsorship impact. Great for conventions, sporting events, transportation hubs, or college campuses.

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Track CSAT, NPS, retention intent, and other KPIs with highly reliable sampling & field management. Swappable hot topics modules. Dashboard visualizations.

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Solutions to fit

your budget and timing. 

Omnibus,  swift custom surveys, Street Sessions, and swift qual options.

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Digestible and easy to understand advanced analytics: Segmentation, Key Driver Analysis, Discrete Choice, Max-Diff, Correspondence Analysis.

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Qualitative and Quantitative research you can trust in North America, EMEA, LatAm, and APAC. In-language, culturally adept, real-time qual translations.


Understand market dynamics within the competitive environment.

  • Understand attitudes and usage behaviors

  • Segment your target audience

  • Profile your consumer / B2B market

  • Analyze the competitive landscape

  • Identify marketplace trends

  • Pinpoint what drives purchase of your product/service

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to address your most pressing business needs.



Building blocks that read retain, develop, acquire, reach and inspire


Explore the relationships key audiences have with your brand.

  • Identify the elements that delight customers and the ones that displease them

  • Gain insights to the customer’s journey and path-to-purchase

  • Uncover the most salient touchpoints

  • Voice of the customer (VoC)

  • Examine customer need states and usage occasions

  • Understand the conversion funnel

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Brand Health

Understand how key segments see dynamic brands in a changing landscape.

  • Understand brand perceptions and image 

  • Measure your brand’s equity and reputation

  • Brand funnel

  • Values alignment

  • Identify the white spaces your brand can own 

  • Brand health tracking

Building blocks that read retain, develop, acquire, reach and inspire
Man in time square

Advertising & Communications

Measure the impact of messaging, advertising, and partnerships.

  • Advertising /message development

  • Communications effectiveness

  • Event and sponsorship impact

  • Measure the impact of brand assets (packaging, logo, brand name, spokesperson)


Ideate, optimize, and evaluate product concepts and features.

  • Evaluate new product / service concepts

  • Develop and refine products / services

  • Optimize new or existing features

  • Evaluate the user experience

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dollar bills being cut by scissors

Price Modeling

Determine optimal pricing within a competitive environment.

  • Assess willingness to pay

  • Uncover pricing to optimize revenue and/or share

  • Explore insights to preserve the value of your brand

  • Multiple approaches to fit your needs: Gabor-Granger, Discrete Choice, Van Westendorp, BPTO (Brand Price Tradeoff)

dollar bills being cut by scissors

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