Qualitative Solutions

Clarion offers a complete portfolio of qual solutions:

  • Focus groups - in person/online
  • Buddy groups, mini groups, triads, pairs - in person/online
  • In-depth interviews - in-person/phone/online
  • Online bulletin boards
  • Mobile diaries
  • Online communities
  • Street Sessions intercepts
  • Ethnographies/shop along's

Check out our Qual Demo video and our Street Sessions demo videos.

Our qual team is a group of strategic thinkers equipped with the analytical and communication skills essential to understanding respondent input. We create a good rapport with respondents, keep discussions flowing, and ensure that conversations are well-paced.

When complex designs call for both qual and quant, Clarion is qualified to apply its experience in both. There is no confusion or lost findings – nothing falls through the cracks. Reports can be integrated to include both qual and quant insights.