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Savannah joined Clarion in 2022 and has made a meaningful impact on every project she's worked on, quickly becoming a valued member of our Senior Team.


Her qualitative research abilities are impressive, including management of complex recruits, uncovering meaningful learning when conducting interviews, and crafting visually appealing reports with clear findings and insightful recommendations. 


Savannah is equally strong in quantitative research. We refer to her as a “data detective” due to her keen analytic capabilities and strong desire to figure out “why.” She co-owns responsibility for a suite of complex, interconnected, and ever-evolving CSAT and UX tracking studies. This includes co-management of the team supporting these studies. In this role, she has implemented countless efficiencies, especially related to data processing and reporting. Savannah raises the bar in everything she does and makes us all better.


Savannah and her husband are UT alumni, who enjoy cheering on the Vols. Her other interests are too varied and changing to summarize here, but she can often be found playing games or volunteering/running at her local parkrun.

Associate Director

Savannah Adams

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