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In her current role at Clarion, Tina co-owns responsibility for all aspects of a suite of complex, interrelated, and dynamic CSAT and UX tracking studies. This includes co-management of the team supporting these studies.


In this capacity, Tina has developed sophisticated sample management mechanisms. She is also the lead on managing questionnaire updates, which are at times extensive and require coordination among several studies, as well as translation across multiple languages. She is involved in many other aspects of these studies, including reporting.


Tina has contributed to many other qualitative and quantitative studies at Clarion and has also conducted extensive desk research. She is one of Clarion’s Excel mavens and frequently introduces the team to new apps and programs she's discovered. In addition to her dedication to making herself and us all better, she is also widely appreciated for her sharp wit.


Tina enjoys good coffee, spicy rice from her favorite local restaurant, and time to pursue her many creative projects. She and her husband enjoy spending time with their two kids, playing games, biking, and exploring their new hometown.

Associate Director

Tina Edwards

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